What if we told you that you could minimize the chance of annual roof damage, leaking roofs and costly roof repairs down the road. What if we could make your roof last as long as possible, and get the longest life span out of it, as well as the least problems occurring over time.

Well we can! Regular bi-annual roof inspections in the Spring and Fall will allow for this to happen and will save you money in the long run, protecting your roof as needed and prolonging its life before replacement.

Most homeowners don’t give their roof a second thought, and when a new roof is installed it is natural to think that it will last as long as the warranty rating on the material.

However, depending on the roof project and how it was installed this may not be the case, not all roofing companies’ quality and diligence is the same. Unfortunately for unsuspecting homeowners we are not all equal.

As the saying goes, good work is not cheap, and cheap work is not good.

Your roof can look great from the ground, but upon closer inspection can revel small damaged areas, lifting shingles and even incorrect installation practices, all which are all cause for leaks, and if left undetected over time the damage can accumulate and be costly to fix after the fact.

Roof Smith’s team of experts provide quality service that you can count on to be done right the first time.

Call Roof Smith today, at 1.613.707.7257 to set up your roof inspection and have peace of mind knowing that you have taken every precaution to protect your roof.